420 SW Washington St.
Suite 601 Portland, OR
ThoughtCrime Tattoo is a licensed, professional custom tattoo studio located in the heart of Downtown Portland, Oregon. We are a family of artists who remain dedicated to our craft, and we take pride in our work and in our craftsmanship. Our artists each specialize in different genres and artistic disciplines, which allows us to cover the full spectrum of tattoo aesthetics. We work with our clients on a personal basis, encouraging their input and participation in the creative process and helping to bring their ideas to fruition. We enjoy working with our clients, running with their ideas and being challenged to set the bar higher everyday. It is our passion for our work that pushes us to grow and evolve as artists, and to never stop learning. We welcome you to join our family, and look forward to making your artistic vision a beautiful and everlasting reality.

What does "Thought Crime" mean? Our name is a reference to George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, a classic novel that tells the story of a not-so-futuristic, dystopian society in which governmental control is obtained and maintained through propaganda, disinformation and the suppression of individual thought. Any language or thought that is deemed contrary or threatening to the governmental agenda is not only constantly monitored, it is punishable by imprisonment or death. If you have not read it, you should, but you may already be more familiar with it than you realize. The story introduced the concept of "Big Brother," the seemingly omnipotent embodiment of conformity, mindless nationalism, oppression, and tyranny. It also introduced the concept of the "thought Police," as well as "Thought Crime," the punishable offense of thinking for yourself and against the agenda of the powers that be.

So to answer your question, we chose the name because we are proponents of free individual thought, expression and speech. We believe that such inalienable human rights must never be limited or suppressed within the constructs of any society, be it past, present or future. Therefore, we are proud to be considered Thought Criminals by anyone who would seek to abolish or censor our individual freedoms.