420 SW Washington St.
Suite 601 Portland, OR
Jake has been making art since he was a young child, and has always had an affinity for drawing and painting. He was heavily involved in art programs throughout his school career, and after high school moved on to pursue an education and career in fine art. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design, where he studied fine art painting and sculpture. After college, he had several gallery exhibitions in the Philadelphia area before deciding to venture out West to Portland. He had been interested and involved in the tattoo community and scene for quite some time, and upon arriving in Portland in 2007, he decided to pursue a career as a professional tattoo artist and hasn't looked back since.

Jake specializes in realism, not only in tattooing, but in painting and drawing as well. He has a strong background in photo-realistic portraiture, but enjoys any design that calls for realistic color or grayscale rendering. He also enjoys doing biomechanical, New School and traditional Japanese style designs, and loves working with clients to design large-scale custom tattoo designs of all genres and subject matter. His fine art has always had a strong focus on political and social commentary, and whenever possible, he enjoys working on tattoo designs that convey perspectives and ideas while still retaining their immediate aesthetic beauty.
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