420 SW Washington St.
Suite 601 Portland, OR
Originally from Billings, Montana, Mike has made his mark on Portland since he first came into the tattoo trade in early 2004. His custom, often completely freehand design work shows his comprehensive knowledge and understanding of artistic composition and form. His work is constantly evolving and progressing, while still retaining the unique personal style and aesthetic that he has become known for.

As a kid growing up, Mike spent a lot of time outdoors, and with that time spent came a deep connection and appreciation for nature and wildlife. He worked as a hunting and fishing guide for other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts, and his wilderness experience is reflected in much of his tattoo work. Animals, wildlife and nature are some of Mike's favorite artistic subject matter, and one of his many tattoo specialties.

Mike has earned his reputation as one of Portland's premier black and grey specialists, while also having a strong understanding and execution of bold and bright color work. His portfolio is extremely diverse, ranging from nature and landscapes to New School, realism and traditional Asian influences. Mike's interest in art and its place in his everyday life reinforces his ability to create the unique, one-of-a-kind, custom pieces he pushes for everyday.
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